Board of Trustees Update

Accrington Stanley Community Trust held their annual general meeting this morning and would like to give an update on the board of Trustees.

After serving as a board member and Chair of Trustees for the last 7 years, Peter Shaw has retired from his position. Peter joined the board in November 2011, during the early stages of the charity. During his tenure the charity has seen accelerated growth in all areas year on year and is now an award winning charity, after picking up the Hyndburn Community Business of the year award in 2016.

Peter Shaw

Also retiring from his position is Terry Neville, who served 4 years as a trustee. Terry used his experience in the education sector to help develop this area of the charities activities.

Terry Neville

Accrington Stanley Community Trust would like to congratulate both Peter and Terry for their dedication and wonderful service to our charity and the community of Hyndburn.

The trustees have unanimously appointed long serving trustee, David Keeley as the new Chair. David has been with the charity since November 2011 and speaking after his appointment said ‘’I wish to thank the trustees for their confidence in my appointment. The Trust are about to move into some exciting times with the proposed £2.5m Sports Hub facility and all the other many activities that the Trust are involved in.

We will continue to ensure that improving the local area is our main focus, involving as much of the community as possible through our variety of charitable projects. I want to encourage the local community to get involved with the Trust and help us make Hyndburn a healthier place for everybody’’.

David Keeley

Accrington Stanley Community Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees whom have a responsibility for the strategy and direction of the Trust’s work. The current board of trustees are:

David Keeley (Chair)

Tony Dobson (Vice Chair)

Robert Houseman

Anne Ellwood

David Burgess

Purves Ali

If you would like to get in touch with the charity with any suggestions or ideas to improve our charitable activities, please contact Martin Fearon, CEO, on or 01254 304071.