Girls Football Development Centre

Accrington Stanley Community Trust are delighted to be launching their latest project!

Our Girls Football Development Centre is a weekly coaching session for girls aged 5-12 who love to play football regularly. Children may play for a club or at school or may have never played before.

Our inclusive courses provide young players with the chance to participate in an environment they feel comfortable in. Each week covers a different themed technique or skill, and then allows the opportunity for practice in small-sided matches during each session

Our trained coaches have the experience and understanding to cater for the needs of the group and ensure that development and progression take place.

The session takes place every Tuesday through term time (starting 24th April 2018) and are split into courses dependent upon the length of the school term.

For more info please call the office 01254 304071 or to view/book courses please CLICK HERE

JOBS: Summer Vacancies for NCS Team Leaders and Assistants

Accrington Stanley Community Trust are recruiting temporary summer staff for the roles of NCS Team Leader (4 vacancies) and NCS Assistant Team Leader (4 vacancies).

We are looking for passionate individuals who are ready to build up their experience with a demanding role as part of an intensive summer NCS programme. This role is suitable for a dynamic and confident person with experience of working with groups of young people, and who is able to both motivate them and command their respect. NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to all 16 & 17 year olds in England that helps them build skills for work and life, whilst taking on new challenges and meeting new friends.

The groups are composed of approximately 12-15 young people and the leader will be expected to work under the direction of the NCS Officer and assist with the pastoral care and support the development of the young people. Previous experience would be welcome but is not essential.

This role would be suitable for anyone interested in youth work who may wish to develop their skills and expertise in this area as well as benefiting from this experience.

Your main duties and responsibilities will be to;

  • Lead, inspire and take responsibility for the pastoral care for a group of participants, ensuring their safety and assisting their personal development throughout two weeks residential.
  • Lead by example and get involved in outdoor and community volunteering activities, keeping the group motivated at all times.
  • Work as part of a larger team of staff to support the planning and delivery of a Social Action Project.
  • Work with and support all other staff to deal with any challenging behaviour from young people.
  • Ensure that appropriate safeguarding, health & safety and other relevant policies are implemented and followed.
  • Provide support to staff and young people in a variety of settings to ensure that they have a positive NCS experience.
  • Work within the ethos of the NCS programme

Paid leave entitlement

No leave entitlement is payable

DBS Check

The post will be offered subject to satisfactory DBS clearance


No travel allowance is payable in this post – transfers to and from Residential will be provided for staff and young people by coach

Disciplinary and grievance

ASCT Disciplinary and Grievance policy applies to this post


Successful candidates are required to attend 3 training workshops in advance of the programme commencing – the training is mandatory and the salary includes payment for attending.

Equality and Diversity

The post holder must be aware of equality and diversity principles and comply with the ASCT equality and diversity procedures.

Health and Safety

All staff are responsible for the implementation of the health and safety procedures so far as it affects them, their colleagues and their team. The post holder is also expected to complete all risk assessments for their team’s activities and ensure the safety of the young people and staff within their team throughout the programme.


Title: NCS Programme Team Leader

Five week contract – You will be allocated a team and a start date.

Training, planning and induction with your team;

  • Mandatory training / meetings up to 3 sessions prior to event.
  • 3 Keep warm activities -dates to be confirmed
  • Info evening on Thursday 19th July 2018 5:00pm-7:30pm.

Week one (Monday 30st July- Friday 3th August 2018) – Outward bound residential at Kingswood, Dearne Valley, Doncaster

Week two (Monday 6th August -Friday 10th August 2018) – Local residential (independent living week) at the Lancaster University, Lancaster.

Week three (Monday 13th August- Friday 16th August 2018) – Social Action Planning week at Accrington Stanley FC.

Week four (Monday 19th August – Thursday 24th August 2018) – Social Action Delivery in local area. Varied times as chosen by group.

Graduation (Friday 7th September 2018) Graduation at Accrington and Rossendale College 5:00pm-7:30pm

In addition, you will be expected to attend the graduation which will be included in the mandatory sessions above.

Salary £76 per day

Phase 1 – Outdoor Residential

Phase 2 – University Residential Week

Phase 3 – Social Action Planning Week

Phase 4 – Social Action Delivery

How to Apply

To apply send your CV to


  • DBS Cleared
  • Able to attend a residential
  • To participate in activities


Title: NCS Programme Assistant Team Leader

Training, planning and induction with your team;

  • Mandatory training / meetings up to 3 sessions prior to event.
  • 3 Keep warm activities -dates to be confirmed
  • Info evening on Thursday 19th July 2018 5:00pm-7:30pm.

Week one (Monday 30st July- Friday 3th August 2018) – Outward bound residential at Kingswood, Dearn Valley, Doncaster

Week two (Monday 6th August -Friday 10th August 2018) – Local residential (independent living week) at the Lancaster University, Lancaster.

Week three (Monday 13th August- Friday 16th August 2018) – Social Action Planning week at Accrington Stanley FC.

Week four (Monday 19th August – Thursday 24th August 2018) – Social Action Delivery in local area. Varied times as chosen by group.

Graduation (Friday 7th September 2018) Graduation at Accrington and Rossendale College 5:00pm-7:30pm

In addition, you will be expected to attend the graduation which will be included in the mandatory sessions above.

Salary £66 per day

Basic Pay

Phase 1 – Outdoor Residential

Phase 2 – University Residential Week

Phase 3 – Social Action Planning Week

Phase 4 – Social Action Delivery

How to Apply

To apply send your CV to


  • DBS Cleared
  • Able to attend a residential
  • To participate in activities

Billy Kee Scoops Community Award

Billy Kee picks up the award for Community Player of the Season after attending a record number of community events throughout the season.

The Stanley player claims the title of Community Player of the Year as judged by a panel of representatives from Accrington Stanley Community Trust.

Kee has contributed a great deal both on and off the pitch this season and is one of the most influential senior professionals at the Club. When he hasn’t been scoring goals for Stanley he’s been visiting various schools and community events in Hyndburn and surrounding area over the past year.

Lee Walsh, Head of Sport, said:

“We would like to say a big thank you to Billy for all his support over the last year, his commitment to giving back to the community is fantastic. He is a great role model for the young children in the local area to look up to.”

Billy, Seamus & Sean ‘Know The Score’ Do You?

This April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and players and managers are backing the eighth annual Know the Score campaign.

Billy Kee, Seamus Conneely and Sean McConville were happy to take time out this morning to show their support for the campaign and this Saturday’s home game is our awareness matchday, look out for information in the matchday programme, on the big screen and around the ground.

Know the Score, supported by the Professional Footballers’ Association and League Managers Association, aims to raise awareness of bowel cancer signs and symptoms.

Bowel cancer is the UK’s fourth most common cancer, with 41,200 new cases each year. It’s also the second biggest cancer killer. Every 90 minutes three people die of the disease. That’s 44 people each day – the equivalent to four football teams – but it needn’t be that way. Bowel cancer is treatable and curable especially if diagnosed early. Over 95% of bowel cancer patients will survive the disease for five years or more if diagnosed at the earliest stage.

• If you’ve had bleeding from your bottom, blood in your poo or suffered a persistent change in bowel habit that has lasted three weeks or more, especially if you’ve been going to the toilet more often or experiencing unexplained looser stools, tell your doctor. Other symptoms include: a pain or lump in your stomach; feeling extremely tired for no obvious reason; unexplained weight loss. • You’re not wasting anyone’s time by getting it checked out. If it’s not serious, your mind will be eased, but if it is bowel cancer, we know that when it’s diagnosed at the earliest stage, more than 9 in 10 people will survive their disease for five years or more, compared with less than 1 in 10 people when diagnosed at the latest stage. A trip to your doctor could save your life.

The main aim of Know the Score is to end the perception that bowel cancer only affects older people – in fact it affects men and women of any age.

Stanley Captain- Seamus Conneely said: “Bowel cancer can affect anyone at any age so it’s really important everyone is aware of the symptoms as early as possible. I am supporting Know the Score because it’s great that football is coming together to raise awareness of the disease during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.”

Throughout football ‘Star of Hope’ badges are being worn during the campaign, which is also supported by the Men’s Health Forum, The Bobby Moore Fund, Adam Stansfield Foundation, Beating Bowel Cancer, Bowel Cancer UK and Know the Score’s founding charity, the Mr Brightside Project.

Deborah Alsina MBE, Chief Executive of Bowel Cancer UK and Beating Bowel Cancer, says: “We are proud to support the Know the Score campaign. Raising awareness of bowel cancer – the UK’s second biggest cancer killer – is vital to stop lives needlessly being lost to this preventable, treatable and curable disease. Knowing and acting upon symptoms could save your life.”

HOW TO REDUCE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING BOWEL CANCER • Eat healthily: Eating plenty of wholegrains, pulses, vegetables and fruit. Avoid processed meat and limit intake of red meat. • Cut down on alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a number of health problems and is linked with bowel cancer. By drinking less, you’ll reduce your health risks. • Keep active: Swim, cycle, go dancing – the more you can do, the better. Even walking to your
local shops instead of taking the car can make a difference. • Stop smoking: Giving up will lower your risk of getting bowel cancer. Visit

To find out more visit or follow @KnowTheScoreUK on Twitter.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust bags £2000 from Tesco’s community grant scheme

Accrington Stanley Community Trust are delighted to announce we have bagged two thousand pounds from Tesco’s Bags of Help community grant scheme.

This funding will allow our various disability sessions to reach a wider audience in the local area, removing barriers for those with disabilities to get involved with sport in a safe and fun environment.

Bags of Help is run in partnership with environmental charity Groundwork, and sees grants raised from the sale of carrier bags awarded to thousands of local community projects every year. Since launching in 2015, it’s provided more than £48 million to over 13,000 local community projects.

Millions of shoppers have voted in Tesco stores up and down the country and it can now be revealed Accrington Stanley Community Trust has been awarded two thousand pounds.

Work will now begin on bringing the project to life.

Lee Walsh Head of Sport said:

“This is great news, thank you to everyone who voted for us. This extra funding will allow us to give more disabled people the opportunity to take part in football”.

Alec Brown, Tesco’s Head of Community, said:

“Bags of Help has been a fantastic success and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response from customers. It’s such a special scheme because it’s local people who decide how the money will be spent in their community. We can’t wait to see the projects come to life.”

Voting ran in stores throughout January and February with customers choosing which local project they would like to get the top award using a token given to them at the checkout.

Tesco customers get the chance to vote for three different groups each time they shop. Every other month, when votes are collected, three groups in each of Tesco’s regions are awarded funding.

Groundwork’s National Chief Executive, Graham Duxbury, said:

“Bags of Help continues to enable local communities up and down the UK to improve the local spaces and places that matter to them. The diversity of projects that are being funded shows that local communities have a passion to create something great in their area. We are pleased to be able to be a part of the journey and provide support and encouragement to help local communities thrive.”

Funding is available to community groups and charities looking to fund local projects that bring benefits to communities. Anyone can nominate a project and organizations can apply online. To find out more visit


Issued by [insert group name].

For further information please contact:

[Insert contact information]


  • Bags of Help is supported by money from the sale of carrier bags in Tesco.
  • So far Bags of Help has awarded over £48 million to more than 13,000 local community projects.
  • For more information please visit:


Accrington Stanley Community Trust resume the popular Stanley Kickers football sessions for children aged 2-4 years old on Saturday 14th April 2018 9.30am to 10.30am

Stanley Kickers is designed to cater for children aged two to four years old who are taking their first steps into football. They are parent friendly, child specific and provide an introduction to the basic skills of football. Each child works with their own ball and this enables them to learn to master ball skills from an early age.

The sessions also use football as a means to achieve the following:

  • Improve body awareness, mobility and fitness.
  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Develop initial literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Learn to share and take turns

Our carefully planned programme is about a great deal more than just developing your child’s affinity with football, it is about giving them a well-rounded start in their physical, social and educational development and developing the ‘whole child’.

Our structured sessions allow parents to spend quality time with their child, safe in the knowledge that they are helping to develop the ABC skills of Agility, Balance & Coordination. This approach ensures that children are learning to build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and are beginning a lifelong relationship with sport and physical activity.

The classes are structured in such a way that parents are able to take away short activities to play with their children at home. We actively encourage you to practice at home, thereby promoting physical activity throughout the week and encouraging structured play. This type of activity forms a vital part of a young child’s development and lays the foundation upon which all later learning depends.

Sessions follow a familiar format each week, as regular routines help children to feel secure and gain confidence. Children and parents also get the opportunity to share those first unforgettable, goal-scoring adventures.

Book the full course online here

Players Help Launch Chatty cafe

Accrington Stanley players Jimmy Dunne and Offrande Zanzala took time out this afternoon to help Community Solutions North West (CSNW) launch their new Chatty Café scheme. The scheme involves having a ‘Chatter & Natter’ table in their café at Elmfield Hall, Gatty Park.

Players & Winstanley with MP Graham Jones and CSNW’s Deborah Clark

A Chatter & Natter table creates a space for people to talk; whether it’s for five minutes while you drink a brew, or an hour of good conversation. We’re not trying to build friendships – just simple interactions to combat loneliness and to just maybe have a big impact on someone’s day.

Jimmy & Offrande cut the ribbon on the table and spoke to staff and volunteers. Along with Winstanley they also stayed around for a chatter & natter themselves. Defender Jimmy Dunne explained ‘it’s a great idea to have somewhere where local people who might feel a bit isolated and lonely to come and have some company without feeling nervous or intimidated’ Zanzala added ‘It’s great for us as players to get out and meet the community, Accrington Stanley is a real community club and supporting things like this is all part of engaging with the local people’.

This project is the latest addition to the CSNW list of local initiatives and Accrington Stanley where more than happy to show their support.  CSNW is an innovative social enterprise, specialising in engagement and support. Through holistic provision of bespoke solutions, we are committed to offering hope and opportunity to local people through social, health, economic and personal development. Our services are Lancashire wide. With a Solutions Focused Asset Based Approach (endorsed by UCLAN Evaluation – June 2014) our services and programmes recognise strengths and resilience rather than focusing on need.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust would like to thanks Jimmy and Offrande for getting involved.

More info about the Chatty Cafe Scheme can be found HERE

More info about CSNW can be found HERE

Football Development Centre Returns

Our very successful Football development Centres return after the Easter break on Monday 9th April 2018! The sessions run every Monday evening and are held at eith Accrington Academy High School or St Christopher’s High School. A full list of dates and fixtures are here:

  • Monday 9th,16th, 23rd, & 30th April @ Accrington Academy
  • Monday 7th May BANK HOLIDAY (no session)
  • Monday 14th & 21st May @ St Christophers High School


The sessions cater for all children aged 4-10, boys and girls. The sessions are a fun way to learn new skills and help develop your child into a better player; sessions cover a range of footballing topics followed by small sided games.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust have been running the football development centres since 2010 and have seen a large number of children developing and enjoying their football over this time.

Head of Sport Lee Walsh explains ‘the sessions cater for everybody, whether it’s your first time playing football or you’re a regular player you will find each week extremely enjoyable’.

The timings for the session are as follows;

4-6 year olds 17:30 – 18:30

7-10 year olds 18:30 – 19:30

The cost of a session is just £3.50 when booked online or £4 if you turn up on the night.

For more info and to book your child’s place  CLICK HERE or give us a call on 01254 304071

EFL Day of Action

Tuesday 20th March was the English Football Leagues (EFL) ‘Day of Action’ of which Accrington Stanley were thrilled to be a part of.

One of the many sessions the community trust had on saw Springhill’s Saqib Razaq surprised by Harvey Rogers and Jonny Maxted.  Saqib is our Kinder Sport Move and Learn star of the year and received his trophy and signed pennant by Harvey and Jonny in front of his classmates. His class has recently completed the Kinder Sport Move and Learn programme which saw them learn about the importance of how healthy eating and an active lifestyle is beneficial. Saqib had grown in confidence throughout the programme from being a quiet participant to showing real understanding of a healthy life style as well as encouraging him to participate in more sport. He has recently joined the football development centres run by the community trust where he is continuing to grow in confidence and ability.

EFL’s Day of Action brings together all community trusts in the EFL with their communities to raise awareness of the positive impact that their Trust do for young people in areas such as education, health inclusion and participation.

Lee Walsh commented ‘‘It’s our second year being involved with the EFL Day of Action and this year was bigger and better with sessions taking place across the local community, a massive thanks goes to the players Harvey Rogers and Jonny Maxted for taking the time to come and get involved in surprising Saqib and his classmates’

EFL Chairman, Ian Lenagan said “Football continues to support its communities seven days a week, 365 days a year through our unique network of Club community trusts.

“Bringing all 72 together on one day for the EFL Day of Action highlights the special role the EFL has in society and our collective ability to make a positive and lasting impact to the lives of millions of people.

“It is fantastic to see so many managers and players across England and Wales coming out in support of the excellent work being undertaken by their own Club right in the heart of their own community.

“There are few sporting organisations that can deliver the scale of innovative and ground breaking activity we do via our network of Clubs across so many important areas, including inclusion, charitable causes, community engagement, education or health.”

Community Trust Nominated for Hyndburn Business Awards

Accrington Stanley Community Trust have been nominated for the Hyndburn Business Awards at the 2018 event in June for the third successive year.

We are nominated for the Beacon Award which is the top award at Hyndburn Business Awards 2018. We are also expected to be in the categories of small business and community business.

This follows on from winning Hyndburn Community Business of the Year in 2016, and being a finalist in the same award in 2017.

Martin Fearon, CEO of Accrington Stanley Community Trust said ‘’we are delighted to have been nominated for this award. Over the past 12 months we have continued to grow and 2017 has been another fantastic year for the charity. A big focus has been the planning of our proposed new multi-million pound sports hub facility in Accrington.

We believe that by creating better facilities and having a fit for purpose base for the charity, we can deliver even more projects in our community and achieve amazing outcomes that will change local people’s lives. We plan to be here for the long term and have an ambition of becoming the leading community engagement charity in the borough.’’

For more information on the Hyndburn Business Awards please visit

Level Playing Field Matchday

Accrington Stanley is pleased to support the 2018 Level Playing Field (LPF) Weeks of Action. This annual initiative, now in its 13th year, aims to celebrate access and inclusion for disabled sports fans across England and Wales.

Disabled people constitute the largest minority group at around 15% of the population and this number is increasing year on year. Naturally, a large number of disabled people are football fans too and we are pleased to take this opportunity to thank our own disabled fans for their continued loyalty and dedication to this great club.

This year we are celebrating the matchday experience for disabled fans. We want to shine a light on the positives of attending a live matchday and in turn help remove those barriers and promote a culture of accessibility and inclusiveness within sport.

To celebrate LPF week of Action we have invited our disability team that meets every Thursday to our home against Forest Green Rovers, 17th March 2018.

Alongside this, we have run sessions for children with additional needs and Peel Park Primary School and we have been working in partnership with Broadfield Specialist School, Oswaldtwistle to offer tailored sessions for their students.

This Weeks of Action campaign we are joining together with sports clubs, fans and organisations across England and Wales to celebrate the #OurMatchday to not only promote the positive experience had by disabled fans but also the message of access and inclusion for all.

For more information about Level Playing Field (LPF) and this year’s Weeks of Action, please visit email or call 0208 621 2403.

Alternatively you may wish to send a message of support to @lpftweets on Twitter using the hashtag #OurMatchday

Community Trust Looking for a Company to Become Principal Partner

Accrington Stanley Community Trust are on the lookout for a Company to become the principal partner of the charity that delivers 30 community projects to over 15,000 people annually.

This is a unique opportunity for a company to engage its corporate social responsibility by supporting an organisation that delivers positive change in our community.

Our mission is to support the local community and promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging individuals to take part in fun based activities, which develop confidence, co-operation and education, and your business can be a part of that. Whether you have a corporate social responsibility agenda to meet, employees to nurture and develop or you just want to give back and engage the community you trade in, we have the right programme for you.

Martin Fearon, CEO of Accrington Stanley Community Trust said ‘’we have a track record of excellent delivery on over 30 community projects, your business can associate with our award winning charity whilst attaining excellent PR and marketing opportunities. If you’re interested in becoming the principal partner please get in touch with us today for more information.’’


  • Be recognised as the principal Accrington Stanley Community Trust partner.
  • Company branded Community Trust staff training wear.
  • Press release to announce the partnership on the Trust and Football Club Website.
  • Signed framed Accrington Stanley FC shirt.
  • A photo shoot with the manager and two players of your choice at your company or the stadium.
  • Branding to appear in the community pages of every match day programme.
  • Branding on the community website –
  • Feature in the community annual impact report.
  • Full page feature in a match day programme profiling your support.

£10 000 per year

We also have a number of other partner packages available, please download our brochure here; ASCT – Partnership Opportunities


For more information, please contact Martin Fearon on or call 01254 304071.

Tel: 01254 304071