Accrington Stanley Mascot Packages 2018/19

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Accrington Stanley mascot packages for the 2018/19 League One season. Available at all home matches including pre-season friendlies.

Ever dreamt of leading the Accrington Stanley team out onto the pitch at the Wham Stadium?…

Well now you can make this dream come true by taking up our Mascot Package – The ultimate Accrington Stanley match day experience for just £150.

Official Mascot places are available for children aged 3-12 at all home games throughout the season. Full details below:

  • VIP treatment for the mascot, meet Winstanley, the staff and the players (at manager’s discretion).
  • Chance to have your photograph taken with a player in the tunnel prior to kick off (at manager’s discretion)
  • Enjoy the opportunity to take part in a football activity prior to the game on the pitch with an Accrington Stanley Coach.
  • Lead the team out with the captain or your favourite player
  • Announcement on the PA System
  • Complete ASFC Home Kit
  • 2 Adult Tickets and 1 child Ticket.

Due to the high demand and popularity of our mascot packages, we would advise that you book your place a minimum of two weeks prior to your chosen game.

To book a mascot package please CLICK HERE

*We also accept away mascots at a cost of £50. You will receive all of the above except from the ASFC Home Kit and match tickets which must be purchased via your club or ASFC in advance. All Away Mascots must have their team’s full kit*

Community Trust Win ‘Not for Profit Business of the Year’ award

Accrington Stanley Community Trust won the ‘Not for Profit’ award at last night’s Hyndburn Awards.

The awards were held at the town hall in Accrington and were attended by over 270 local people. A number of members from the Trust attended and accepted the award. The Trust beat off stiff competition from Advocacy Focus, Carers Link Lancashire and the Civic Arts centre and Theatre.

Left to Right: David Keeley, Sarah Hunt, Lee Walsh, Martin Fearon, David Burgess, Shahid Mahmood, Robert Houseman. Photo Credit – Liz Henson Photography

Martin Fearon, CEO of the Trust commented ‘It’s an amazing honour to win this award and we would like to thank everyone involved. It’s brilliant to see that the community value what we are doing here at the Trust as we take pride in providing opportunities for the local community. This is the second time in three years we have won this award, it’s great to know that the community recognise our consistent delivery of community projects in the local area’.

In just seven years, the Community Trust has raised over £2million and with this has been able to develop and deliver a varied repertoire of projects and programmes, successfully engaging a staggering 15,000 people in the last 12 months across the areas of Hyndburn, the Ribble Valley and Rossendale.

Investing in frontline provision across our four key themes; sport participation, health, social inclusion and education, the charity has enjoyed unprecedented growth in all areas.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust now employs 10 full time individuals from the local area, with a further 10 part time staff members.


U16’s Football Tournament

Boys and Girls U16 7v7 Football Tournament

For the 2nd year running we are hosting our 7v7 U16 tournament and this year we will be running a girls competition too! This is a great chance build your teams fitness and to prepare for the upcoming season. This will be U16 teams heading into the 2018/19 season.

Both competitions will be running at Hyndburn Leisure Centre from 10 till 12pm with the boys being on Saturday the 11th of August and the Girls being the following Saturday the 18th August.

Entry fee is only £20 per team and clubs may enter more than 1 team.Winners will receive a free Accrington Stanley pennant and a trophy for their success.

To apply now, please fill in the application form below

Any questions please get in touch with Matt Parkinson via mobile: 07550095970 or via email:

Fields marked with an * are required


England Blind Star Brandon Coleman Delighted by Accrington Stanley Community Trust’s Funding Success

England Blind footballer Brandon Coleman has praised Grow the Game and Accrington Stanley Community Trust (ASCT) following the award of a £4,500 grant from The FA.

The grant, which will provide a boost to grassroots disability football in Hyndburn, has paved the way for ASCT to create a new open age disability football team and two junior female football teams. Funding will also enable us to upskill coaches and volunteers.

Brandon said: “I am delighted that Accrington Stanley Community Trust has been awarded a Grow the Game grant. The club has worked extremely hard with Lancashire FA and the Football Foundation to give more local players living with a disability the opportunity to get involved in the game.”

“Playing disability football from a young age not only provides a number of physical, mental and social benefits, but gives players the best chance to develop skills and achieve their potential. It is fantastic to see this money flowing down to the grassroots of the game and I wish Accrington Stanley Community Trust the very best of luck for next season!”

Grow the Game is a programme funded by The FA and delivered by the Football Foundation. It awards grants to grassroots football clubs that wish to create new teams, especially amongst under-represented groups.

This year, £1,500 was made available for clubs looking to create new female and disability football teams to help towards the costs of FA coaching courses; FA league affiliation costs; referees’ fees; first aid kits; football kit and equipment.

Martin Fearon, Chief Executive Officer of ASCT, said: “We are delighted to be awarded £4,500 from The FA via its Grow the Game programme which will help us create 3 brand new community football teams. Each year we look to improve our provision for the community of Hyndburn by accessing funding that allows us to get projects off the ground. This funding is a big boost to disability and female football in the area.”

For more information contact; Martin Fearon on 01254 304071 or email

Football Clubs in Lancashire team up to help tackle Sugary Drinks

  • Three football clubs in Lancashire partner with Lancashire County Council, Healthy Stadia and Food Active to help children to cut back on sugary drinks
  • Using the power of their club’s badge, Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood Town and Preston North End will encourage children to Give Up Loving Pop this summer
  • Community coaches will use classroom-based activities and physical activity to raise awareness of the health harms of high-sugar and diet drinks
  • Children and young people challenged to Give Up Loving Pop for 21 days

As the temperature continues to rise outside, three football clubs in Lancashire have teamed-up with Lancashire County Council, Healthy Stadia and Food Active to help children cut back on sugary drinks this summer.

Using the power of their club’s badge, community coaches from Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood Town and Preston North End will encourage school children to “Give Up Loving Pop” and to drink more water and low-fat milk.

Whilst many people are aware that excess consumption of sugar, particularly sugary drinks, can lead to tooth decay, fewer are aware of the link between high-sugar drinks and weight gain. In the long-term, regular consumption of sugary drinks can increase the likelihood of developing other serious health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and various forms of cancer.

Data from the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) also reveals that 4 in 10 Year 6 children in Hyndburn (39.3%) and 3 in 10 Year 6 children in Preston (31.8%) and Wyre (29.1%) carry excess weight.

And the situation in the North West is no better when it comes to oral health, with more than one in three children (33.9%) having obvious dental decay at age five, compared to the England average of 23.3%.

However, Hyndburn (45.8%) and Preston (39.6%), two of the Give Up Loving Pop delivery areas, have considerably higher rates of children with obvious decay at age 5, underlining the need for effective interventions at the earliest possible stage.

To help tackle this, specially trained community coaches will deliver classroom-based games and physical activities to Year 5 children that will teach them why it is important to look after their teeth and gums, how to read and interpret food labels on bottles or cans of drinks, and why hydration is important for their education and playing sports.

Children and young people will also be challenged to cut right back on sugary drinks and to Give Up Loving Pop for 21 days as part of the GULP Lancashire project:

  • At Key Stage 2, children will score points for cutting back on sugary drinks with the highest-scoring Primary School classes from Hyndburn, Wyre and Preston winning exclusive prizes from Accrington Stanley, Fleetwood Town and Preston North End respectively.
  • At Key Stage 3, young people will be encouraged to sign-up to and follow a Facebook campaign which will highlight the marketing techniques used by sugary drinks manufacturers to promote their products.

As part of the project, all Key Stage 2 children will receive a reusable water bottle and a postcard containing information on sugary drinks to take home to their parents. It is hoped that these initiatives, which will be evaluated by researchers at Liverpool John Moores University, will begin to change the attitude and behaviours of children and young people toward high-sugar drinks.

Matthew Philpott, Director, European Healthy Stadia Network said:

“It is fantastic to see professional football clubs and their community trusts use the power of their badge to help children and young people to cut back on sugary drinks.

“We hope that other football stakeholders will take note and reconsider their relationship with high-sugar drink companies, which use sport and physical activity to associate their products with a healthy and active lifestyle, which runs contrary to what the evidence is telling us – that sugary drinks are bad for our health, in particular for our children.”

Beth Bradshaw, Food Active Project Officer said:

“Despite some sugary drinks manufacturers reformulating their products following the introduction of the Sugar Tax, many traditional fizzy drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks still contain huge amounts of sugar – up to 16 cubes of sugar for some – which can be extremely detrimental to children’s health.

“Even diet and zero drinks, which have previously been seen as a step in the right direction, contain lots of acid which can soften tooth enamel. Part of the reason we are still seeing huge numbers of children in the North West under five years of age being admitted to hospital for tooth extractions is the acid in high-sugar drinks.” 

Harriet Creighton-Levis, Head of Education and Health, Preston North End Community & Education Trust said:

“As Preston’s local professional football club and Community Trust, it is almost our duty to help combat these alarming figures, and through this fantastic new initiative – alongside our Education Programmes, we’re hoping that we can encourage more children to ‘Give Up Loving Pop’ this summer.

“Football can play such an important role in a child’s development, so it’s vital that we are educating children of the impact of excess sugar consumption through sugary drinks – using an array of sporting examples through classroom-based and physical activity sessions, we hope to educate not only the children but parents alike.”

Lee Walsh, Head of Sport, Accrington Stanley Community Trust said:

“We can’t wait to get involved and start delivering the GULP project. It’s an important issue especially in our local area and we are pleased we can use the power of Accrington Stanley to spread the message.

“Although many schools now ban sugary drinks a lot of children still consume them after school is finished and at the weekends – we feel it’s about educating these children and through them, their parents in order to have a real impact. This project will allow us to do just that.”

Rob Larcombe, Sports Development Officer (Health and Wellbeing) said:

“Here at Fleetwood Town Community Trust, health and wellbeing is high on our agenda and we actively seek to improve the lives of people within the community.

“Give Up Loving Pop is an exciting project run with Healthy Stadia that aims to reduce sugar intake in children through reducing the amount of unhealthy drinks they consume. This is a major issue in society today as high sugar intake is directly related to poor health. We are therefore keen supporters of this project and are looking forward to delivering this within schools over the next few weeks.”

You can follow the GULP Challenge Facebook campaign here beginning Monday 11 June 2018:

Stanley Kickers is back!

This Saturday 9th June sees the return of our much loved Stanley Kickers at Accrington Academy.

Stanley Kickers is designed to cater for children aged two to four years old who are taking their first steps into football. They are parent friendly, child specific and provide an introduction to the basic skills of football. Each child works with their own ball and this enables them to learn to master ball skills from an early age.

The sessions also use football as a means to achieve the following:

  • Improve body awareness, mobility and fitness.
  • Improve balance and coordination.
  • Develop initial literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Learn to share and take turns

Our carefully planned programme is about a great deal more than just developing your child’s affinity with football, it is about giving them a well-rounded start in their physical, social and educational development and developing the ‘whole child’.

Our structured sessions allow parents to spend quality time with their child, safe in the knowledge that they are helping to develop the ABC skills of Agility, Balance & Coordination. This approach ensures that children are learning to build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and are beginning a lifelong relationship with sport and physical activity.

The classes are structured in such a way that parents are able to take away short activities to play with their children at home. We actively encourage you to practice at home, thereby promoting physical activity throughout the week and encouraging structured play. This type of activity forms a vital part of a young child’s development and lays the foundation upon which all later learning depends.

Sessions follow a familiar format each week, as regular routines help children to feel secure and gain confidence. Children and parents also get the opportunity to share those first unforgettable, goal-scoring adventures.

The full course only costs £24.50 that’s £3.50 a session! Or come along on the day for only £4 a session.

For more info and to book your child’s place  CLICK HERE or give us a call on 01254 304071

Girls FDC IS Back & Its 1st session Free!

Our Girls Football Development Centre is returning Tuesday 5th June and its FIRST SESSION FREE!!

Our Girls Football Development Centre is a weekly coaching session for girls aged 5-12 who love to play football regularly. Children may play for a club or at school or may have never played before.

Our inclusive courses provide young players with the chance to participate in an environment they feel comfortable in. Each week covers a different themed technique or skill, and then allows the opportunity for practice in small-sided matches during each session

Our trained coaches have the experience and understanding to cater for the needs of the group and ensure that development and progression take place.

The session takes place every Tuesday through term time (starting 24th April 2018) and are split into courses dependent upon the length of the school term.

For more info please call the office 01254 304071 or to view/book courses please CLICK HERE

FDC Is Back!

Our very successful Football development Centres return after the 1/2 term break on Monday 4th June 2018! The sessions run every Monday evening and are held at eith Accrington Academy High School or St Christopher’s High School. A full list of dates and fixtures are here:

  • Monday 4th,11th,18th &25th June @ St Christopher’s High School
  • Monday 2nd, 9th &16th July @ Accrington Academy


The sessions cater for all children aged 4-10, boys and girls. The sessions are a fun way to learn new skills and help develop your child into a better player; sessions cover a range of footballing topics followed by small sided games.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust have been running the football development centres since 2010 and have seen a large number of children developing and enjoying their football over this time.

Head of Sport Lee Walsh explains ‘the sessions cater for everybody, whether it’s your first time playing football or you’re a regular player you will find each week extremely enjoyable’.

The timings for the session are as follows;

4-6 year olds 17:30 – 18:30

7-10 year olds 18:30 – 19:30

The cost of a session is just £3.50 when booked online or £4 if you turn up on the night.

For more info and to book your child’s place  CLICK HERE or give us a call on 01254 304071

Stanley Soccer League seeking New Teams

Accrington Stanley Community Trust have spaces available for new teams to join our very popular Stanley Soccer League.

We are looking for new teams to join the Monday and Wednesday night league held at Accrington Academy and Hyndburn Leisure Centre.

The Stanley Soccer League is a professionally managed small sided league which was set up in Accrington in 2011. The ultimate test for your 7 a-side team is to join one of our leagues.  At only £27 per match the season runs for 10 weeks and there is NO JOINING FEE!

Amazing League Structure – Our open age leagues feature promotion and relegation to and from the Premier League, Championship and league One Divisions.

3G Pitch Surface – The matches take place on a state of the art 3rd generation pitch as used by some of Europe’s top clubs.

Referees – We provide referees for all matches and monitor them throughout the season which helps us achieve better standards of officiating.

Less hassle for Captains –Your fixtures and game times for the full season along with results and league table are all online.

Fantastic Facilities – Our venue offers free parking, quality changing rooms and toilet facilities.

For more information and to enter a team go to



Free Theme Park Days for Holiday Club Kids!

Kids who fill their school holidays with football and fun can also enjoy a free day out at a thrill-packed theme park.

Gulliver’s family theme parks has partnered with Accrington Stanley Community Trust to offer the bonus day out to children who attend the Trust’s holiday clubs.

During local school holidays Accrington Stanley Community Trust runs three types of holiday courses to engage local children up to age 12 in a range of pursuits designed to keep them active and having fun. Its Activity Club, for children aged four to 12, provides lots of enjoyable activities including games, arts and crafts, drama, singing and much more.

For youngsters aged four to 12 and keen on football, the Trust’s holiday Soccer Schools offer the chance to learn more about the game, develop their skills and build teamwork. Finally, for those aged seven to 12 and already showing footballing ability, the Elite Soccer Schools are led by Accrington Stanley coaches and teach advanced skills through more intensive sessions.

Running from 9am to 3pm each day, the holiday courses are well established and very popular with local youngsters and families. Now there is an extra incentive to take part, thanks to the new partnership with Gulliver’s family theme parks.

Winstanley & Gully Mouse2

It is giving a free ticket, worth £17.95, for every child who participates in the Trust’s holiday courses. The tickets are valid for eight weeks at any of Gulliver’s three parks in Warrington, Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes, granting free admission for a child when accompanied by a paying adult.

In addition, Gulliver’s is giving 10 pairs of Community Tickets for each week the holiday courses run. These tickets give free access to Gulliver’s Community Weekends, held on set dates throughout the year, and are designed to be given out as prizes by the coaches and leaders running the courses. They could be prizes for the hardest triers, the best attitude, the most helpful ─ whatever the coaches decide.

Gulliver’s sales manager and Accrington Stanley fan Sharon Blake said: “We think the Community Trust is doing great work in engaging children in enjoyable and rewarding activities during their school holidays and we’re keen to support that work.

“Our family theme parks are aimed at roughly the same age group so we’re confident that children who use their free tickets will have a great day out at Gulliver’s.”

Accrington Stanley Community Trust Manager Martin Fearon said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Gulliver’s. This gives us the opportunity to reward the young people who come to our holiday course activities with free tickets to the theme park.”

For more details of the course run by Accrington Stanley Community Trust, including dates and how to book, visit For more about Gulliver’s, including the latest special offers and how to save by booking online, visit

SSE Wildcat Roaring Success!

This term has seen our SSE wildcat centres from the FA roar with success over Hyndburn and the Ribble Valley!

The centres have inspired over 150 girls to participate in the weekly sessions and discover the fun and passion that comes with the sport.

Some of the girls had never kicked a football before coming to a centre and have greatly improved and picked up the football fever! The sessions are kept fun and aim to give the girls the confidence to enjoy themselves while taking part.

Elle Kayley, Female Football Coordinator said, ‘its great being able to see the enthusiasm the girls have for the sport. Its great being able to encourage and change girls perception that football is a boys sport and show them that anyone can play and have fun’.

SSE and The FA hope the initiative will inspire participants to engage with football, meet new friends, develop fundamental skills and create the foundation for a lifelong love of football.

It is the FA’s aim to double the number of girls playing football in the next five years. The popularity of women and girls football is on the increase with more and more women’s matches being televised and the super league is now a winter league to co inside with the men’s league.

Alongside the SSE Wildcat sessions Accrington Stanley offer a girls development centre that runs on a Tuesday evening at Accrington Academy from 6pm to 7pm, which allows girls to participate in fun football sessions while feeling comfortable.

Keep your eyes out for a free taster voucher for the football development centre which will be coming to your wildcat centre very soon!

Soccer school is nearly here, Book on now!

Join us next week for our May half term holiday courses. From 29th May to 1st June 2018 we will be at Accrington Academy for our popular soccer school.

Whether you need 9am-3pm or 9am -5pm we have you covered. We offer an early drop off from 8.30am with no extra charge.

Our soccer schools will cover a wide range of football related topics including, control, passing, dribbling, shooting, heading and match play. Our coaches use a variety of activities to allow children to develop, coaching individually or in pairs to develop technique and working in small groups to encourage skill acquisition and decision making. Every day, children will have the chance to practice in small-sided games and every course will finish with a tournament for players to showcase their new skills.

Our Elite Coaching Soccer Schools take place on state of the art 3G AstroTurf and all sessions are led by Accrington Stanley coaches working on behalf of the Community Trust with minimum UEFA ‘B’ coaching qualifications who work to a specifically designed technical program which is age related with the main emphasis on development and ball mastery. The coaching is structured around the FC Barcelona philosophy of Tiki-Taka football and every day will consist of technical and high tempo football sessions. The number of places on the courses will be restricted to ensure the coach to player ratio is always kept at an optimal level. The children who will attend the course will be a mixture of the Accrington Stanley Football Club Academy players and local grass roots players who will all be keen to come and develop as footballers over the course of the programme.

Our courses will provide entertainment and care for your child during the holidays which may enable you to continue your busy schedule as a parent. Whether that is a week of football or a week of activities, we can cater for the needs of all boys and girls with our holiday courses.

Prices start at only £40 for the week or just need a day, no problem,  individual days from £12!

So what are you waiting for get your little ones booked on now!