Raising attainment, aspirations and encouraging participation through sports.

As a charity that seeks to help individuals achieve their goals, we believe it is every child’s entitlement to access high quality sports provision. Sport on a whole in the UK is no longer seen as an activity which only the gifted sports person participates in, but a crucial element of a child’s education, whatever their ability.

With years of experience of working within schools in Hyndburn, Ribble Valley and Rossendale, Stanley Trust is in a strong position to offer the following professional and well-structured sport and educational categories:

  • Curricular Activities
  • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Kids Cup Football Tournament
  • School Fundraising Events
  • School Holiday Activity Camps

Our schools development team consists of dedicated individuals who hold professional coaching qualifications, first aid, safeguarding/child protection and DBS disclosures. By ensuring our staff have diversified in many sports over the years, the Trust has been able to grow the schools and education programme, which caters for the demands of modern day schooling.

If you would like us to develop a programme working in your son or daughter’s school, or you are a teacher who would like us to work with your school, then please contact us and we will arrange to come and visit.


Curricular Image

PPA Cover

With the introduction of PPA (Planning Preparation and Assessments) in schools, we provide a proven School Sports Programme to cover teachers’ 10% PPA non-contact time.

We have compiled a comprehensive programme which assigns qualified coaches to schools to deliver games lessons at Key Stage 2. All our lessons are based on the National Curriculum and the Val Sabin resource material. Assessments are prepared by the coaches in conjunction with the school to measure the children’s attainment levels. We can provide:

  • An affordable solution to PPA cover, using minimum of Level 2-qualified coaches and staff;
  • A range of sports and games on offer including hockey, netball, rugby, football, tennis, cricket, rounders and athletics;
  • Schemes of work and lesson plans based on the National Curriculum and Val Sabin resources;
  • Individual pupil assessment;
  • Positive reward scheme and changing room challenge;
  • Classroom activities for wet weather days;
  • Cross-curriculum activities;
  • Support with equipment if required.

Fun Days

Benefit from having ASCT in your school for a whole day
Day Visits are available to any school in Hyndburn. They offer the chance of a visit from our qualified team of coaches and are targeted for children working at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Our coaches will take every class in the school for a fun session using football as a tool to develop physical literacy through a variety of fun games and disguised learning.

Step back and allow our fully qualified staff to deliver a structured session linked to the learning outcomes of the primary curriculum. The session will also allow your staff to have the opportunity to observe the sessions and learn new fun games as part of their ongoing professional development.

Every school in Hyndburn is entitled to a free coaching day, however, we do ask for a voluntary contribution, which enables us to continue our work within the local community and opportunities that we currently provide. We can also combine the Fun Day with either a Sponsored Penalty Shoot Out or Sponsored Inflatable Hit the Target event enabling the School to raise additional funds.


As well as the school-time activities we provide, Accrington Stanley Community Trust can help with out of school hours learning activities, including after school, lunchtime & breakfast clubs, of which we currently offer packages which can follow your National Curriculum or your sporting needs as a school. Our extra-curricular clubs can be modified to suit both Key Stages 1 & 2.

Each after school club lasts for a full term with one or two sessions per week, with the cost being £3 per child per session, which can be covered by parents or through your school sports grant.

  • Football After School Club
    Children follow a plan based on the FA’s four corner developmental model progressing technical, physical, social & psychological aspects to a child’s game.
  • Multi-Sport After School Club
    Children can take part and try a wide range of sports which can include football, athletics, tag rugby, hockey, kwik-cricket, tri-golf, basketball, rounders, netball just to name a few!
  • Multi-Skill After School Club
    Children take part in multi-skills sessions focusing on the FUNdamentals & ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination). This is ideal for schools with limited indoor space over the winter months and especially at Key Stage 1.

Alternately you could have one of our coaches’ work with either an identified group of gifted and talented pupils or with an SEN group.

Key Stage 2 Gifted & Talented After School Club
For the first time, schools have now been given allowance to distinguish between Gifted in PE and Talented in Sport as two different areas. This fits in line with the provisions that Accrington Stanley Community Trust is able to offer gifted and talented pupils in your school.

Gifted and Talented Academies are a provision aimed at providing further development opportunities for those pupils in years 5 and 6 who have been identified as gifted in PE or talented in sport.

The theory behind Gifted and Talented Academies are that they allow the most able pupils to access additional high quality multi-skills coaching whilst having regular access to the high school and its staff to aid with transition into Key Stage 3.

All of our gifted and talented work at Key Stage 2 is based around a non-sport specific multi-skill approach in line with the model of Long Term Athlete Development, enhancing physical, personal, social, creative and thinking skills.

Key Stage 3/4 Gifted and Talented After School Club
This football-specific club provides a fully qualified level 2 or 3 coach to work with a group of 12-18 children within a three-year age band selected by the school as performers of a high level over a 10-week period.

All children who participate in our Extra-Curricular activities receive a certificate of Attendance and a gift, ranging from medals to Accrington Stanley Match tickets. If the club is based on football, recommendations may also be made for them to attend our Monday evening Football Development Centre, which can provide a pathway into Accrington Stanley’s Academy setup.


Kids Cup Football Tournament Image

Ever dream of seeing your school play football at Wembley Stadium on one of the biggest days of the sporting calendar?

The Football League Kids Cup is a 6-a-side competition for pupils aged Under 11 that culminates in three finals across the Football League Play-Off weekend.

It’s not just about the glory…
The new Government has announced their intention to get more young people playing competitive team sports because they believe it’s a ‘vital part of growing up’. The Football League couldn’t agree more and we hope our Kids Cup can help by highlighting to pupils the importance of teamwork, the fun of playing football and the rewards of participation and achievement. We understand that the glory of a National Final is great for everyone involved and are committed to ensuring that as many schools take part as possible. The Football League is keen to see 3000 schools participate in competitions this season with 24,000 pupils experiencing this opportunity!

At every stage there are some great prizes for schools to win such as team kits and footballs, along with medals, trophies and certificates so all participants can remember their achievement of taking part in one of the country’s largest national football competitions.

The final of our local tournament will be at half time during an Accrington Stanley home match

How does my school get involved?
Getting involved couldn’t be simpler. We send out a form for your school to fill out with all player details and school information every October. We will then provide you with all the information you require to make the necessary arrangements.


Fundraising Image

The Healthy Lifestyle Mission – with Winstanley!

Accrington Stanley Community Trust are delighted to announce ‘The Healthy Lifestyle Mission – with Winstanley’ which is being rolled out into Primary Schools for all pupils to participate in. This initiative is completely free of charge to the schooland subject to availability can be booked for any week in the calendar year. We work with all classes and year groups and will fit our sessions around your timetable in whichever way you feel best. All of our coaches are highly qualified with full CRB clearance and first aid qualified.

What does ‘The Healthy Lifestyle Mission’ consist of?
• We will come into your school for three full days and deliver a range of multi sports and exercise sessions for all classes from reception to year 6. We will implement key aspects of healthy lifestyles into each session so that the children learn whilst having lots of fun in the process. There will also be some theory built into the project for the year 6 children.

  • On the final day our very own mascot Winstanley will be in attendance to help you raise money for your school and our charity with a fantastic sponsored challenge. This sees us bring a giant inflatable target for children to try and score points using different methods.

Day One – Full day of multi sports sessions with fun based drills based around health and exercise utilising sport as a vehicle for learning. We will use a variety of sports to interact with children throughout the day. Our aim is to deliver 5 sessions per day and will rotate class groups at the schools request.

Day Two – Second day of the healthy lifestyles mission which sees us deliver another 5 multi sports sessions for the school.

Day Three – In the morning we lead a classroom session for Year 6 using resources designed by school teachers to fit the curriculum for learning. Following this we host a sponsored event with our giant inflatable target and Winstanley. All children get to take part and everyone who raises sponsorship with no minimum amount set receives a FREE gift and certificate. We also give two free tickets per class for an Accrington Stanley Football Club home match. The winners are picked out randomly from the sponsorship forms collected for each class.

Can you raise money with Winstanley for your school and a charity?

The sponsorship money raised is split 50/50 between the school and our charity. The school is free to use these funds however they best see fit whether this is to help fund a school trip, after school activity or buy extra equipment. We look forward to being able to bring ‘The Healthy Lifestyle Mission’ to your school soon.

The Respect Initiative – Inflatable Target Fundraiser

In conjunction with the Football League Trust and The Football Association we have recently launched the Respect Initiative for primary schools in and around Hyndburn, the Ribble Valley & Rossendale. The initiative is completely free of charge to the school and subject to availability can be booked for any week in the calendar year. We work with all classes and year groups and will fit our sessions around your timetable in whichever way you feel best. The Respect Initiative usually consists of:

  • Day 1 includes a full day of coaching with fun based drills and games based around Respect utilising football as a vehicle for learning.
  • Day 2 includes a full day of coaching with fun based drills and games based around Respect utilising football as a vehicle for learning.
  • Day 3 starts with us leading a morning classroom session for Year 6 using a presentation designed in accordance with the Football League and The Football Association based around RESPECT. Following this we deliver a Sponsored event with our inflatable target to help raise funds for your school.

However, we can also adapt it so that it can be a 2 or even a 4 day event, with the sponsored event instead being a non uniform day with the children each bringing 50p or £1. All children get to take part and everyone receives a certificate and David Beckham Academy book.

The sponsored event can raise a lot of money for your school and help our charity. All profits from funds raised are split 50/50 between the school and our charity. The school is free to use these funds however they best see fit whether this is to help fund a school trip, after school activity or buy extra equipment.


Holiday Courses Image

Organised holiday camps at your school

This is a project we have made available for schools to take advantage of. We can organise an Activity Camp at your school for your pupils during any holiday period.

The Activity Camp will follow your school start and finish times to make it easy for parents. This course will provide entertainment and care for your children during the holidays which may enable parents to continue their busy schedules.

Accrington Stanley Community Trusts has a reputation in delivering great holiday courses providing provision for hundreds of children every year and offer young players the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve in the holidays.

Our Activity development team has carefully put together course itineraries that cover a wide range of different topics including, Arts and Crafts, Dance, Acting, Singing, Cinema Club, Multi-Sports, Games and much more. These allow children to develop, working individually or in small groups to encourage skill acquisition and decision making. Every day, we have a different theme for example; Games Friday which involves lots of Games, tournaments and competitions.

  • Certificate of participation for all pupils who attend
    • Course gift on the last day

Activity clubs are an affordable holiday activity; that provide the perfect solution for all young children and their parents. The cost of an Activity Camp which is paid by the parents is as follows:

5 Day Course – £40 per child (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm)
4 Day Course – £30 per child (Mon-Thu or Tue-Fri 9am-3pm)

To book any of our school provision or for more information contact us on 01254 304071 or email

Summer Holiday Courses!