Stanley Kickers

Stanley Kickers …

Stanley Kickers is designed to cater for children aged two to four years old who are taking their first steps into football. They are parent friendly, child specific and provide an introduction to the basic skills of football. Each child works with their own ball and this enables them to learn to master ball skills from an early age.

Football Development Centre Image

Football Development Centres…

Football Development Centre’s (FDC’s) are weekly coaching sessions for children who love to play football regularly. Children may play for a club or at school or may have never played before.


Premier League Girls Football

Football sessions for girls of all abilities aimed at increasing participation in the sport and raising the confidence of young people. There are 8 sessions each week in a variety of locations mainly schools for girls aged 14-18. Take part in a fun and relaxed environment with your friends.

Redz Club

Redz Youth Club

Redz Youth Club is a weekly session for children to take part in activities such as arts and crafts, multi sports, board games, xbox and much more. Boys and girls aged 4-12 are more than welcome to attend. Come and give it a try!

Tel: 01254 304071