About our mascot

The 2nd June 2009 would have been a normal working day for all at Accrington Stanley. However, this was not to be the case. On arrival at the Stadium the grounds man noticed an animal on the middle of the pitch! As he walked over he saw tiny feet, a short tail and a soft coat. He soon realised this was a new born puppy. This puppy was adopted by Accrington Stanley and named as our mascot – Winstanley the bulldog

Within weeks, the new arrival was running around, playing fetch with a ball, jumping over rocks and playing games with the older dogs. “He’s so friendly,” said passers-by.

Over time, it became obvious that Winstanley was no normal dog, and that there just wasn’t enough to keep him entertained.

“What shall we do with Winstanley? I’ve never seen a dog with so much energy!” said the Grounds man. “What about the team at Accrington Stanley Community Trust? They provide lots of activities and see thousands of children for Winstanley to interact with,” explained the Manager.

So it was decided Winstanley would live with the ASCT team at the Crown Ground, spending time visiting and playing sport with children across East Lancashire.

And in case you haven’t guessed, I’m Winstanley, and this is my story! I am really excited about being here, so I hope you’ll come and play and give me lots of new adventures!

Winstanley Fact File

Name: Winstanley

Date of birth: 02 June 2009

Height: 1.75m

Shoe size: 15 (roughly!)

Home town: Accrington

Hobbies: Playing all sports and meeting new friends

Favourite food: Dog Biscuits and Treats

Advice to children: “Enjoy sport, be active and listen to your parents!”

Tag Line: Participate – Develop = Achieve