Changemakers at Accrington Stanley Community Trust

For those young people who want to carry on their good deeds from their summer National Citenzenship Service (NCS)  programme, Changemakers offers them the chance!

This week we held our first Changemakers meeting which saw 12 summer graduates attend and agree to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours a month to making a difference in their local community.

 ‘I’m really excited to get started with our Changemakers project, the group of graduates that have come back are really eager to get started and make some positive changes and contributions to our local community. We’re hoping to expand our group and our projects over the coming year and make huge impacts in the coming months.’ Lauren Turner, NCS officer commented.

Carrying on from the social action aspect of the NCS programme, this project allows graduates to form a local group that will design and deliver social action projects throughout the year. Whether it is several small ones or one long project, the options are endless!

As this year’s focus is on the environment, they have decided to help a local community centre in Great Harwood where they will help the centre with their outdoor garden. Once they have completed that they have decided to do several small projects finishing with a larger one at the end of the year.

Elise commented, ‘ I thoroughly enjoyed my time at NCS so much so, that I decided to do Changemakers because I believe that it was too good an opportunity to miss out on. It is a worth while project that can allow you to build new skills and friendships. I am most looking forward to putting our plans into action, in order to help improve communities and encourage others to do the same. By doing this I will also be creating exciting memories with friends, new and old, that I have made through NCS programme.’

The skills that these graduates will build on such as creativity, teamwork to leadership skills will look brilliant on their CV’s and may even show them a career that they hadn’t thought of going into.

If you are a past NCS graduate and are interested in Changemakers please get in contact Lauren Turner on 07803853616 or email .