Accrington Stanley Community Trust are proud to be delivering the DIVERT programme, helping to make positive changes in young people’s lives that are in police custody.

Based primarily in the custody suite at Greenbank Police Station, Hyndburn; Stanley Trust now has a designated Custody Intervention Coach that is working to offer opportunities to local 16-35 year olds who have found themselves in or at risk of offending behaviour. Alongside seven other Lancashire football Community Trusts and working in a collaborative, multi-agency approach, we aim to best support those young people who have wound up in custody and are now ready to turn their lives around.

After introducing the programme, our coach will work with the young people in the community to support them through positive interventions and inspire them to reach their personal goals. These interventions will aim to get the person into education, training or employment and will also support to reduce barriers as required, such as; substance misuse, addiction and housing.

Working with a DIVERT coach is voluntary, confidential and does not influence any criminal proceedings. Young people can reconnect with DIVERT after being released from prison.

DIVERT is a Lancashire Violence Reduction Network programme aimed at reducing re-offending within local 16-35 year olds who have been taken into custody.

For more information on the DIVERT programme please contact Shane Hudson: