Dust Off Them Trainers and Keep the Dream Alive

Want to keep the childhood dream alive and continue to play football after reaching the big 50?

Over the last few years this slower pace version of the beautiful game has been sweeping the nation. It is a lower intensity and paced way to keep active and meet new people.

Participants come from all back grounds of the local community to take part in the sessions held at Hyndburn Leisure Centre every Friday by Accrington Stanley Community Trust. Alongside the physical aspects the sessions bring they also have psychological and social benefits. Improvement in self-esteem and confidence as well as new friendships being formed.

‘It takes me back to my youth as well as giving me social enjoyment while being something that is good for me’ said Philip a walking football regular.


This format of the beautiful game is very similar to the mainstream structure however there are a few modifications. It is non-contact and anyone that sprints, runs or jogs while the ball is in play will be penalised with a free-kick being awarded to the other team. If the ball goes out of play, the game will be restarted with a kick in.

 ‘With being nearly 70 I’d never thought I could play again, walking football allows me to get routine vigorous exercise and it’s the best form of exercise that works for me as I love the sport and the competitiveness of the sessions,’ remarked John

Come and join us at Hyndburn Leisure Centre every Friday at 1.30pm only £4 a session includes a brew and biscuit.

For more information please visit https://www.stanleytrust.co.uk/walking-football/ or call 01254 304071.