Give Up Loving POP

Over the past few weeks, we have once again teamed up with Healthy Stadia & Lancashire County Council to deliver the Give Up Loving Pop (GULP) project to primary schools within our local area. The project taught young children in specifically highlighted areas, the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, with a particular focus on the negative affects fizzy drinks has on their teeth.

The programme consists of classroom-based games and physical activities to children that will teach them why it is important to look after their teeth and gums, how to read and interpret food labels on bottles or cans of drinks, and why hydrating with water is important for their education and playing sports.

Community Sports Officer, Josh Cooper, who has been delivering the project, said: “It’s been great to deliver the G.U.L.P project to the different schools. The children all get really involved and stuck in to the content, and they’re all eager to answer questions and learn, which makes for some great sessions. The importance of G.U.L.P can’t be understated, children need to understand from an early age how vital it is to keep your body healthy and hopefully, these sessions will embed the habit of drinking healthily and keeping hydrated”.

A Big thank you goes to Healthy Stadia and Lancashire County council for supporting us through the project and to the children and staff at St James Clitheroe, St Michael & St Johns Clitheroe, St Peters Simonstone & Barrow Primary Schools for really embracing the project!

We can’t thank Healthy Stadia & Lancashire County Council enough for their support of us for the G.U.L.P project. We’re looking forward to delivering the project again in the next academic year! For more information about the GULP project please visit Give Up Loving Pop