Operation DIVERT Kicks Off

After a delayed kick-off due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Stanley Trusts DIVERT programme swung into full action this month.


Based primarily in the custody suite at Greenbank Police Station, Hyndburn; Stanley Trust now has a designated Custody Intervention Coach, that is working to offer opportunities to local 18-25 year olds who have found themselves spending time in the cells.


After introducing the programme to those in custody, our coach will work with the young people in the community to support them through positive interventions and inspire them to reach their personal goals. These interventions will aim to get the person into education, training or employment and will also support with other areas as required, such as; substance misuse, addiction and housing.


Since going live in custody we have already engaged with a number of young people and begun to work with them to achieve the change they want to achieve.

DIVERT is a Lancashire Violence Reduction Network programme aimed at reducing re-offending within local 18-25 year olds who have been taken into custody. The programme is separate to the Criminal Justice System and does not discuss the grounds for arrest, instead focusing on time in custody being usable as a teachable and reflective moment in time.


For more information on the DIVERT programme please contact our Custody Intervention Coach, Shane: