Sport Leaders Manage Lunchtime

During this half term four pupils at Belthorn primary school are being coached by Accrington Stanley Community Trust coaches as part of a sport leadership programme.

The sports leaders are year 6 pupils that will receive training to assist them to lead younger pupils in structured fun games at lunchtime. This is where our coaches get involved, they will go into the school every day for two weeks to deliver the initial training and there after every Monday. They will teach the pupils skills such as communication, how to organise teams and inclusion.

We will be showing them different games such as spiderman Mr Wolf, colour corner and cops and robbers, activities that don’t require much equipment. The aim is to arm the pupils with the confidence and knowledge to lead others. The training is linked to PSHE in developing leadership skills and responsibility in pupils.

Elle Kayley, Female Football Development Officer commented, ‘ It is great to see the leaders  engage with the coaching and putting it in to practice. Their confidence has started to increase after only a few days while communicating instructions with there fellow pupils. I can’t wait to see how far they will have come at the end of term.’

The leaders and our coaches have developed a noticeboard where they will put the different games up so other pupils can get involve and see what they will be doing.  Alongside with the different qualities they are looking for such as good listening skills, helping others etc. the leaders are planning on awarding a student of the week for KS1 and KS2 to be given a prize in assemble on Fridays.