Winstanley’s Makeover

Everyone at Accrington Stanley Community Trust would like to say a massive thank you to The Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club and The Stanley Ultras. In November 2019 they very kindly donated £1,500 that has enabled us to give Winstanley a much needed makeover for 2020.

The old Winstanley was over 10 years old and was looking a bit tired and worn out. Thanks to this donation he has had a complete upgrade and will now display the 2 supporters clubs logos on his sleeves.

Head of Sport at the community Trust Lee Walsh explained ‘Winstanley was starting to show his age so we approached the supporters club to see if they could help, we were delighted when they offered to help and after the much needed upgrade he is ready to get back to the matches and cheer on the team, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at the supporters club for their support’

Winstanley is regularly out and about at various community events and visits local schools meeting youngsters and inspiring them to be healthy, lead an active lifestyle and hopefully support Accrington Stanley!

Chairman of The Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club Peter Leatham was keen to get involved ‘The Supporters Club is always delighted to help initiatives that benefit both the town and the community. Having a new and fully functional Winstanley out and about in the community is a great asset in spreading the goodwill associated with Accrington Stanley and appealing to all our potential new young fans out in the schools

Winstanley will be at the Wham Stadium meeting fans young and old before cheering on the team on Sat 18th Jan before our fixture with Southend Utd. Please come and say hello and have a picture, he doesn’t bite!