Stanley Kickers

At Accrington Stanley Community Trust, we cater towards all ages. We understand football is for anyone, no matter your experience or your skillset. Above all, we believe football is a fun, vibrant activity which best takes place in a community setting. That’s why we feel so strongly about providing our sessions to the youngest members of our community, getting them involved in what is the greatest sport in the world, in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Stanley Kickers is the perfect session to achieve just that. Our sessions for 2–4-year-olds run every Saturday morning during term time and are for any child wanting to take their first steps into football. They are parent friendly, child specific and provide an introduction to the basic skills of football. Each child works with their own ball.

The sessions also use football as a means to achieve the following:

Our carefully planned programme is about a great deal more than just developing your child’s affinity with football, it is about giving them a well-rounded start in their physical, social and educational development and developing the ‘whole child’.

Structured sessions allow parents to spend quality time with their child, safe in the knowledge that they are helping to develop the ABC skills of Agility, Balance & Coordination. This approach ensures that children are learning to build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and are beginning a lifelong relationship with sport and physical activity.

We follow a familiar format each week, as regular routines help children to feel secure and gain confidence. Children and parents also get the opportunity to share those first unforgettable, goal-scoring adventures.

Saturday mornings

9.00am-9.45am for age 2/3 

10.00am – 10.45am for ages 3/4 

11am-11:45am for ages 3/4

Venue – Stanley Sports hub, BB5 6BD

Please note that going forward we are no longer accepting payment on the day, online you can now book single and multiple sessions priced at £5 each here

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