Talk a Good Game

In 2019 we launched our ‘Talk a Good Game’ PSHE intervention for local Primary schools, the workshops focus on effective communication and encourage children to practice the different styles of communication. The project is part of our ever growing Premier League Primary Stars Provision.

After consultation with a group of local primary schools we identified a need for local children to think more about the way they communicate, particularly those children who are soon to join high school. The sessions can be adapted for years 3-6 and use football, Accrington Stanley and friendly competitions to engage children in the topic. We use a mixture of self reflection, paired work and full group activities to highlight key area such as listening, clarity and body language.

The sessions have been well received so far. Head of Sport Lee Walsh explains ‘as an organisation we can offer so much more than sports provision, this project is another example of how football can be used as a tool to engage children and bring about positive outcomes. Obviously communication is a big part of football and children can relate easily to how that is transferred into their own lives’. 

For more information about the project please email or contact the office on 01254 475013



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