Summer Fun (15% off October!)

Last week rounded off a busy summer at our holiday courses at St Christopher’s High School.

The courses are held every school holiday and are split into soccer schools for those that love football and for those that enjoy being crafty we have our activity club.

Book the October half term course before the 14th September online and use the code EARLYBIRD15 to receive 15% off any full week booking. 

This summer we have been lucky to get some brilliant weather which saw the children and staff take part in a giant water fight to cool down! It would be safe to say that the children thoroughly enjoyed joining forces against the staff.

Activity Club took a visit to the local park where they spent a busy afternoon making sure that all swings, slides, climbing frames passed their vigorous testing! They showed their imagination through the various crafts throughout the summer such as lion masks, crazy scientists, chalk drawing, turtle design, dinosaur design, dry clay models plus much more! Alongside this they have spent the summer playing multi skills sports games such as long ball and dodgeball.

Meanwhile in soccer school, each day had a different theme, ranging from ball control and dribbling to creating chances and finishing. The days started off with a fun warm up to get them ready for the day before moving into smaller groups to practice these skills. Then moving on to play conditioned games to bring out the skills they had been practicing. We also played small sided games that the children really enjoyed and tournaments which added an extra competitive edge to the days.

“The format of the days worked very well and allowed the sessions to bring out the best in the children. There was a great mix which meant the children gave there all in everything we did, and the relaxed environment allowed the children to be confident and try new things they may not think of trying usually. We really enjoyed coaching these session for the last 6 weeks and look forward to welcoming everyone back, and more new faces in October.” Josh Cooper Soccer school coach.

Towards the end of the holiday courses the staff turned one competition day in to a Harry Potter inspired competition day complete with our very own goblet of fire and sorting hat! After a tense game of quidditch and several other challenges, which saw all four houses fight valiantly for the win, with Hufflepuff coming out overall winners!

The children loved the visit from Oli’s Zoo, who brought a variety of small reptiles and creepy crawlies such as a tarantula, snake, and tortoise to name just some. Oli spoke to the children about the different animals educating them on their lifestyles and the comment myths that surround them before he and his team let the children handle them.

The local police force kindly visited the children and did a Q & A with the children as well as letting them try the police hats on and take seat in the police car, which all the children loved!

For more information or to book your child’s place please visit or call the office on 01254 304071.