Strategy 2022-2025

This 2022-2025 Strategy sets a direction of travel for Accrington Stanley Community Trust over the next 3 years and is about how our business can make the best possible contribution to improve the lives of the people of Hyndburn. Our strategy has been developed through detailed consultation both internally and externally with local, regional and national organisations and policies. We have collated feedback from key stakeholders, participants, parents and our workforce using several methods such as surveys, meetings and strategy focus groups. Accrington Stanley Community Trust has also prepared a 2022-2025 Business Plan to accompany this Strategy.

The strong foundations that were first established in 2010 when Accrington Stanley Community Trust were formed has enabled us to identify key areas to focus on in order to make a difference to our community.  This Strategy comes at a key time in our development and provides a platform for positive change and modernisation going forward. It builds on some significant achievements to date and on the good progress already made against our initial objectives.

The Board and management team have set new objectives and priorities based on a robust review process. An agreed set of objectives and priorities will help us to plan and prioritise our work and make sure that we ask the questions ‘are we making a difference and improving the lives of the people of Hyndburn?’, ‘how are we meeting needs?,’ ‘what is the value of our contribution?’ Questioning the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ is so important if we are to continue to maintain the sort of balance we want – where our social agenda is not compromised by a drive to increase income and that those who can least afford to pay for our services are supported the most.

There are opportunities for us to improve our business; we are a dynamic organisation with plenty of enthusiasm and ambitious ideas. We are also wise enough to know that we cannot achieve all that we want to on our own and that partnership with others, particularly Hyndburn Borough Council and Accrington Stanley Football Club, is paramount to our success; all the more so at a time when funding is so challenging.

It will be an exciting and hopefully fruitful next 3 years and a time when maintaining a firm focus on our priorities will put the organisation on a stronger footing thereafter.

Martin Fearon | Chief Executive Officer | Accrington Stanley Community Trust

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