Board of Trustees Update

Board of Trustees Update

Accrington Stanley Community Trust held their annual general meeting in March 2024 and would like to give an update on the board of Trustees.

After serving as Chair of Trustees for the last 2 years, Anne Ellwood has completed her maximum term in this position but will remain on the board as a trustee. During her tenure as Chair of Trustees, the charity has seen accelerated growth in a number of areas including the new £1m building extension at Stanley Sports Hub. Anne also played a vital role in hosting the Italy Women’s National Team for the WEURO 2022 competition.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust would like to congratulate Anne on her dedication and wonderful service to our charity and the community of Hyndburn. We’re delighted that Anne will be remaining as a valuable trustee on the board.

Following an update to our constitution in 2023, which now sees a rotation and refreshment of trustees in key positions every 2 years, we can report the following;

Purves Ali has stepped up from his Vice Chair of Trustees role, to become the new Chair of Trustees for the next 2 years, 2024-2026.

John McGregor has been appointed as Vice Chair of Trustees for the next 2 years, 2024-2026.

Accrington Stanley Community Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees whom have a responsibility for the governance, strategy and direction of the Trust’s work. The current board of trustees are:

Purves Ali (Chair)

John McGregor (Vice Chair)

Anne Ellwood

David Burgess

Tom O’Neill

Peter Leatham

Robert Houseman

Carl Ellwood

Chris Knagg

John Leaver

To find out more about the work of Accrington Stanley Community Trust, please visit

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