Joy Of Moving Winter Games

Joy Of Moving Winter Games

We know that it can be difficult for children to stay active during the winter months and now even more so, given the challenging times with current restrictions. So we want to help families and their children get active whilst having fun, right from the comfort of their own homes!

The Winter Games, which follows the successful Joy of Moving Home School Festivals in the summer of 2020, will take the form of a Winter Adventure with an exciting selection of games and activities that you and your children can play along the way.

This pack has been designed for you and your family to have fun and there are lots of different games to get everyone involved whilst you are at home! All you need to play is a small
space, some willing participants and a small amount of equipment – which can even be made from every day household items!

The Joy Of Moving Winter Games home pack can be downloaded below:

Joy of Moving Winter Games Pack_Final

Once your child has reached the end and completed the Winter Adventure, please download and print a certificate to help celebrate the moment. You and the family can continue to have fun and stay active with Joy of Moving by taking part in the Extra Time Play Diary on page 10.


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