Police visit Stanley’s Divert projects

Over the past week, we have been delighted to welcome officers from Hyndburn Police Station along to two of the sessions we host at the Stanley Sports Hub.

Last Friday, the officers attended one of our Premier League Kicks sessions, joining in the hour sessions.

The Premier League Kicks sessions provide 8-17-year-olds from the local community an hour of free football, held in a safe environment under the supervision of on of our coaches.

There was a friendly and competitive atmosphere as the officers gave out a cry of “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” and one or two performances which made us think ‘Every Little Thing They Did Was Magic.’

On Wednesday, we saw the officers take part in a football session at the Sports Hub, competing alongside a group of young people who we are regularly in contact with as part of our DIVERT and United Together programmes.

DIVERT is an initiative which specialises in communicating with adults aged 18-35 who have offended or found themselves at risk of offending. Building on the success of the initial programme, we introduced DIVERT Youth, dealing with 10-17-year-olds also.

Community Intervention Officer, Shane Hudson, commented: “It was fantastic to have some of our local police officers and PCSOs at the session, joining in and enjoying the session alongside the lads. Everyone seemed to fully enjoy it and embraced the opportunity of playing all together.”

A jovial attitude was held by all throughout the sessions with very few calls of ‘Can’t Stand Losing To You’, as everyone enjoyed themselves in an informal setting, but by the end of the sessions you could hear ‘Every Breath They Took.’

A huge thanks to the officers of Accrington police station who generously gave their time to attend our sessions and got a glimpse of the work we do on a daily basis at the Hub.