Reclaim the Game: Stanley Trust looking for fans who want to gamble less & get fitter

Stanley Trust is proud to be launching a new programme that will help local male fans who are interested in reducing the amount they gamble throughout the week.

Entitled Reclaim the Game, the programme has been designed by experts in gambling harm reduction and will run weekly for 8 weeks from the start of April onwards.

Delivered free of charge at the Stanley Trust’s state of the art Stanley Sports Hub by community coaches from the Trust, each week you’ll be supported to achieve positive changes to your gambling whilst also having an opportunity to train with coaches, to get fitter and more active.

This programme will be recruiting fans across the remainder of March and is looking for men aged between 18-44, who want to gamble less, get fitter, and join a team to help tackle this.

For more information about ‘Reclaim the Game’ and how to enrol onto the programme, please visit: