An Extra Stanley Kickers Session Added

We are pleased to announce we have added a 2nd Stanley Kickers sessions to our schedule starting on 17th April, 10am at St Christopher’s High School.

This is following the regular session being restricted to 15 places and filling up in only a couple of days

The course of sessions is available to book online, booking online means you can book session for just £3.50 a week. (£4 pay on the day).

The sessions are aimed at those children that are taking their first steps into football getting them used to the feel of the ball at their feet.


As well as this, the sessions help improve their body awareness, mobility as well as their fitness. All children work with a ball of their own allowing them to improve their balance and coordination which in turn gives them the ability to build the self-confidence and self-esteem.

Lee Walsh, Sports Development Officer commented, ‘This course has been the first steps for many local children to get involved with sports and especially football. We have seen children come from Stanley kickers go onto our development centres and to our soccer schools. The format for the session’s means that there isn’t pressure put on the children, they are able to pick the skills up in their own time.’

For more information or to book visit