Stanley Pair Visit School

Accrington Stanley Defender Nick Anderton and Goalkeeper Jonny Maxted went back to school this week to surprise the year five pupils at Benjamin Hargreaves.

The two Stanley players visited the classes’ Move and learn session, with the pupils quizzing them on the topic for this week of, which was diet and nutrition. Although they did admit to having a cheeky MacDonald’s as a treat the pair shared with the children the diets they follow in order to be in top condition come 3pm Saturday

Community Sport Officer said, ‘It’s great for the children to have the opportunity to ask the players about the topics that we cover, it allows them to see that what they learn in the classroom does apply to life outside of it.’

The Kinder+Sport ‘Move and Learn Project’ is targeted at primary school children aged between nine and ten years old, the programme combines six weeks of practical sporting sessions with classroom based activities.

During each 90 minute session children learn about the body, diet, nutrition, food groups and the importance of exercise as well as taking part in a session of football, handball and dodgeball.

For more information on the Kinder+Sport ‘Move and Learn’ sessions please contact the ASCT’s Josh Cooper on 01254 304071 or email