Summer NCS

The National Citenzenship Service (NCS) was back although in a slightly different format for our young people this summer.

NCS is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity for 16-17 years to try new experiences, meet new people and build their confidence. This summer we have taken away over 80 young people to experience outdoor activities, workshops and social action planning and delivery.

Our first wave spent a few days at Bibby’s farm in Chorley, where height fears were beaten through crate stacking followed by cross bow, axe throwing and archery.

The second wave spent days at Hothersall lodge where they got muddy with gorge scrabbling followed by canoeing, low ropes and kayaking. We got the young people working together through problem solving games, an example of one of this is when everyone held on to a couple of pieces of string that have a metal ring on it with a ball balanced on it and had to ensure that it didn’t drop.

Finally, the third wave visited Bowley Scout Camp where they tried raft building low and high ropes, crate stacking, kayaking, canoeing.

After drying off, they attended workshops which included confidence building through interview practice delivered by the drama company Footloose. The army came and worked on the young people’s problem-solving skills through games such as moving equipment from one side to another only using 2 ropes and a stretcher. The other workshops that they did were your voice matters where they had to decide on what island they wanted to live on through voting on different issues that affect living in a country. The two final workshops they did were community mapping where they had to work together utilising what they have in the game ‘Stanopoly’ around Accrington. Finally, food for thought was their last workshop which made them think about the level of sugar that was in their branded and unbranded food. The workshops give them skills for their future opportunities.

The social action plans were some of the best that we have ever had! One group went around local businesses around Accrington to ask for videos or a poster of them saying thank you to the NHS. With the posters and videos, the businesses provided they have created a video that they have edited that they put on social medias. The other teams walked 10 miles from Burnley’s Community kitchen to Accrington Maundy relief which raised money for both communities. Another raised money through organising a football tournament and the final team raised money by doing a sponsored run and cycle for the teenager’s charity Laurens Place.

Rhian Sabatino, NCS manager commented, ‘This summer has been a really exciting few weeks! From activities like kayaking to gorge scrambling, we have had over 80 Young People participate in our NCS Programme this year. They took skills they learnt through our workshops to deliver enjoyable and impactful Social Action Projects, in their own community.’